Callbot Support

On this page, you will find information on support for our Callbot.

Added Value

Our offer aims at supporting salespeople to document their customer meetings conveniently via spoken voice and automatically enter these meeting minutes into CRM. Our Microsoft Teams bot can be called from the mobile directly after the on-site customer meeting, recognizes the customer (e.g. by calendar entry), records the spoken meeting minutes and translates the recording into text. The meeting and the text are then entered into CRM as customer appointment automatically. Using Microsoft Speech-to-Text technology ensures an accurate understanding of the voice and even enables to understand individual terms and customer names.

Our Teams bot increases productivity, enhances the meeting documentation quality and completeness, and simplifies tasks which salespeople often find annoying.


Our bot requires Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) and a Microsoft Azure subscription, which need to be in place. Even though the biggest part of our solution can be deployed automatically, some manual steps still need to be performed.
When the bot is up and running, it can be called from any Teams client, checks for the latest out-of-office appointment and listens for the meeting minutes of this appointment. This voice recording is then transcribed and automatically entered into CRM as a customer appointment.


If you have any further questions please use the contact form or write a mail to