Data Monetization

Data monetization describes how you generate new value from your company's data. AI plays a key role here, because only with the help of AI, completely new business models become possible.

What is the value of your data? What values can you generate from your data? Many companies are currently facing these or similar questions. Often there is no simple and clear answer to these questions, but the goal is almost always the same:

Data shall be used to acquire and retain customers or to develop new products, services or offers.

Data Monetization
Overview "Data Monetization"

External View

Maybe your data has a value in itself and can be treated like a product. On the one hand, your data can be of interest for your customers or even for completely different players on the market. On the other hand, if the “data as a product” option does not deliver the desired potential, then a monetary value can often be realized by analyzing data, processing it with machine learning algorithms and providing results “as a service”. In further steps, new digital products can be created. These “AI-enabled products” will most probably open up completely new markets.

Internal View

In addition to this “external” view, it’s always worth inspecting the processes inside your company: Here, data can generate value, too. The focus is primarily on your value-chain and how this chain can be optimized. This is usually a good first step, especially for companies that just started their data monetization strategy, in order to quickly gain experience and achieve success.


At paiqo, we support you in all steps of data monetization and data-driven digital transformation: from use case identification and qualification to data connectivity, development and operationalization of artificial intelligence and machine learning to new business models and optimized processes.

Together with you, we develop your data monetization strategy and identify new potentials and opportunities for monetizing your data.

Your Benefits

Value Chain

We help to generate value from your data and optimize your value chain.

Business Development

Together with you, we leverage insights from your data to develop new business models.

Digital Transformation Experts

We already have supported a large number of customers in data-driven digital transformation. Benefit from our experience for your success.

You want to gain more value from your data with artificial intelligence and are looking for an experienced partner?

We support you in your digital transformation from the concepts to actual implementation.